5 Reasons to Switch to an Internet Bonding Device

Internet Bonding Device

From reliable to fast internet for live streams: there are many reasons for internet bonding devices. We list the 5 most important.

Easy to transport thanks to its compact size

One of the biggest advantages of an internet bonding device is its compact size. The device can easily be transported in a backpack, for example. Barely larger than a novel and still equipped with practical functions: Internet bonding devices are real all-rounders. After a short setup you can start with a live stream of an event including internet at high speed.

Save costs with Internet Bonding

The Internet connection is fundamentally important for a live stream. For this reason, many live stream producers still rely on satellite-supported solutions. But the costs can be very high. It can also happen that there is still a poor mobile phone connection on site. Because at a major event, many people use the same transmission masts and the transmission speed drops continuously. This poses an enormous risk for the live stream. Internet Bonding is the safest solution. Because with bonding, different connections from several providers are bundled into one. Also, using a mix of wireless carriers ensures that even if one carrier isn’t working properly, the other carriers can step in and maintain stability and connectivity. This not only saves costs, but also reduces the risk of failure.

Internet Bonding Device: Capacity, Reliability and Security

An Internet Bonding Device can handle 2G, 3G and 4G cellular bands from multiple multiple providers. The result: a single, stable connection with minimal connectivity and speed issues. Because the internet bonding device aggregates 3G or 4G connections from multiple modems and USB dongles across networks. This enables higher capacity, reliability and security for a live transmission of a company meeting, press conference or concert.

Multiple connections for a live stream

As mentioned above, bonding involves bundling multiple connections from different cell phone providers into one. Internet connections often fail or become unstable during bad weather or a violent thunderstorm. With an Internet Bonding device, the other connections compensate for the fluctuations in such a case. In this way, the user can still be offered a permanent Internet connection at any time. The only condition: there must be at least one connection.

Easy installation and setup

An internet bonding device offers a high level of convenience in terms of installation and setup. Because the device automatically recognizes and connects to nearby networks without the need for configuration. This is especially useful at large events and live shows when being fast and mobile is key. Thus, Internet Bonding devices are the fast and efficient solution for delivering high-speed Internet.

With these five advantages and the ever-advancing technological developments, it no longer makes sense to use outdated and slow products for a live stream. An internet bonding device is a modern technology that makes life easier for live stream producers. By using an internet bonding device, be it at home, at work or for live shows, there is always a fast and reliable internet connection for everyone.

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