Alternative to Speedify for failsafe internet

Mine Media M4 Theater

You use Speedify for your livestream? Maybe you host Zoom conferences or Teams meetings via the client? Then you will already be familiar with the term “internet bonding”. You use your mobile phone, a cable and your Wi-Fi to create a strong internet connection? Well then you will already be aware of the advantages. Nonetheless you are looking for an alternative to pack Speedify into one device? Just so that you can profit from the bonding with all the devices in your network? You can do it!

MiNE Media M4 as an alternative to Speedify

 The bonding router MiNE M4 does more or less exactly what Speedify does, but as an independent device. The MiNE M4 is your new network router for stable and failsafe internet. So what exactly does it do? The MiNE M4 couples 4 mobile phone connections of, for example, Telekom, Vodafone, O2 and 1&1 for a “strong and stable connection”. In addition, your connection with M-Net, for example, or your Telekom landline connection can serve as a stable basis for the bonding. In total, the MiNE M4 can thus bundle 5 connections to form one large one.

Bundling internet connections in the router

The MiNE M4 thus does what Speedify does as software – just in a single device. Of course the price is not comparable with that for the software solution from Speedify, but for professional requirements perfectly justified. With two LAN ports and one WAN port, the M4 offers sufficient options for connectivity. Its Wi-Fi and the 5G Wi-Fi can be individually configured. Thanks to the built-in battery in the device, the M4 won’t let you down even on longer operations. The internet power station can be relied on for up to 4 hours.

Solutions for Livestream Internet

The MiNE M4 is especially suitable for livestream internet. Anyone who is streaming a lot on Twitch or YouTube knows how important a stable connection is. Thanks to the M4, the connection with guests in Talks can be as easily realized as the daily livestream show. And because the MiNE M4 is also a friend of NDI, it works for everybody who uses the new network protocol for their livestream production.

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