Fail-safe Internet for livestream press conference

Mine Media M4

The Mine Media M4is the ideal “on-the-go router” for livestream operations, e.g. at press conferences. At a press conference, things usually have to move fast: Cameras have to be set up and moved into the right position, image and sound have to be checked, and the transmission has to be set up. Press conferences therefore often pose major challenges for technology and personel.

Four cellular connections for a stable live stream

Often, press conference venues are not “blessed” with technology. Poor Internet, unfavorable lighting conditions, possibly unfavorable sound, the transmission of a press conference can be disrupted by many factors. At least with the point Internet connection you can set a hook from now on with the Mine Media M4: It works! The M4 combines four mobile connections – 4x 4G/LTE + WAN to be precise. A bonding server makes it possible.

M4 as standard equipment

There are several scenarios of how we would use the M4 when broadcasting a press conference:

  • Rental: Lend the M4 to your customers as an event location when higher demands are placed on the Internet than usual
  • Rental event technology: Rent the M4 as an event technology company including bonding service
  • Livestream company: Here the M4 is part of the standard equipment. It provides the basic supply for Internet connections.

Munich: M4 broadcasts press conference

In the Munich Press Club and other locations with press conferences, Mine Media M4 bonding routersare spotted again and again. Thus, you can also broadcast a stable livestream of a press conference from the city center.

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