Livestream from the Alps: Internet Bonding makes it possible

There are moments that you would just love to share with the whole world in Instagram Livestream. For example that trip to the mountains. After all, it took a lot of effort to get all the way up there. But then you are let down by a poor internet connection. No need to despair! There is a solution to this problem and it’s called internet bonding.

Internet bonding for livestreams from nature

To make sure that the Instagram followers also have the Alpine cows standing in their living rooms, you need a good connection as quickly as possible. Internet bonding achieves this by generating the connection over several channels. This means that video and audio data are sent bit by bit via various channels, thus guaranteeing one thing: reliable transmission.

MiNE 4 Media for Outdoor Livestreams Stars

So how do we achieve this excellent internet performance, and that at any location? With the MiNE M4. This internet bonding modem won’t let you down anywhere as it – even at high altitudes – the transmission rates of 4 standard SIM cards and one Ethernet port to create a stable line.

And now the best thing: the MiNE M4 modem is also extremely handy and space-saving, so it’s no burden on the climb up. Is this at the expense of the battery operating time? Not at all. With the internal battery you can rely on the modem for up to 6 hours.

That means you have plenty of time to show and say everything relevant to the followers in the livestream and then to remain silent … 6 hours transmission time is, after all, fairly long. If the livestream then continues into the evening, you still have nothing to worry about. With its bright LCD screen, the internet bonding modem from the Chinese manufacturer MiNE Media is perfect for outdoor livestreams, even at night!

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