Livestream Theater: Double Mine Media deployment

Mine Media M4 Theater

A stable Internet connection is essential for a livestream. But often the broadcast location is not equipped with a fast internet line. For a livestream from a theater, we combined two Mine Media products and thus ten connections for a particularly stable Internet connection. In detail: 4x LTE in the router and 3x LTE in the encoder. In addition, there is Wifi and 2x WAN.

This exceptionally stable Internet connection is achieved by using two Mine Media devices at the same time:

  • M4 for all connections and the “basic internet” for the live stream.
  • Q8 for a stable transmission of the live stream

Data protection compliant transmission

The Q8 converts the signal, SDI or HDMI, into a live stream. As a fully privacy-compliant transmission solution with servers in Germany, the encoder transmits the livestream to our partner

Bonding Internet as a subscription

The bundling of several Internet connections into one, i.e. the Bonding Internet, requires a second counterpart: the Bonding Server. The connection must always be sent to this exchange. That’s why we provide our customers with the Internet Bonding Service – completely uncomplicated and transparent as a subscription model.

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