MiNE – Made in China – Serviced in GERMANY

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What does “Serviced in Germany”mean?

  • Consulting and sale take place in Germany.
  • Tutorials, solutions and application examples are developed in Germany and, of course, in the German language.
  • Support, spare parts delivery and repairs also from/in Germany.
  • We are users ourselves and use the MiNE devices successfully in Germany.

We used the video streaming systems from MiNE ourselves (almost daily), which means we are in an ideal position to provide sound and comprehensive advice and to deal with possible user questions.
The MiNE products have been used successfully at locations in Germany and Austria with 4G and 5G SIM cards of Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone DE and 1&1.

The necessary Bonding Servers are hosted by use on German servers or with German internet service providers.
As possible software applications (bonding server – remote station) are operated in largely hardware and software-independent containers, operation on AWS (= “Amazon Cloud”), with Hetzner or in the own server infrastructure is very easily implemented.

Questions? Simply call us – of course on a local landline number 😉

089 41 41 453 50

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