MiNE Media app update

Time for improvement! The MiNE Media app “M Live” has received an update for Android.

Here are the hard facts: new version 2021.03.15, new version for the Q8 (Version – Update: 2021.03.16).

Sounds initially fairly dry and about changes which will only confuse users without any real improvement? Wrong!

We show you which improvements in the app you can look forward to and why the update is really worth it:

Yeah, there are bug fixes…

  • Representation problems with the wrong text colour were eliminated when the livestream setting Interface was selected.
  • Problems with the version from Android were remedied.
  • The problem that the interface cannot be opened in Q9 was remedied.
  • Problems with the backup of the SRT address with the automatic push process were remedied.

We could actually stop there, because what’s more convincing than an improvement in the irritating little faults? Quite a bit, as the new update shows!

Highlights of the "M Live" update

New functions, optimized functions, convincing functions – here they are: the highlights of the MiNE Media app update…

  • 5G Wi-Fi is now shown in the Wi-Fi list for the Q8, Q9 and R8.
  • The SRT function was activated in the R8 and Q9.
  • Improvements to the display icon of the Q9.
  • The placing and storage of the RTMP information in the address book was improved.
  • Q8 now supports long addresses to start the Push.
  • New structure of the settings for the video bit rate to solve the problem of errors in the logical frame rate / bit rate settings.
  • H.265 can now be selected for Q8 and Q9.
  • Improvement of the messaging functions.
  • 5G network functions are now shown in the display.
  • H.265 is now available as a recording option in the Q8.
  • Improved stability of the RTSP server function.
Now at the latest it should be clear that this update is really worth it!

Important information on the update

Now, of course, there is the question as to the best way of installing the update. Perfectly simple!

Here are the steps that will take you to new and improved functions:

  1. First the “M Live App” has to be updated. (Android oder iOS)
  2. All devices have to be online during the updates.
  3. All devices must be connected to the power.
  4. During the update all of the lights remain on.

  5. After the update all devices are automatically restarted.

  6. When the restart is complete, the app display can be executed again.

It’s as simple as it sounds. Now there are no more barriers to your full app experience!

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