MiNE Media – A5 bonding camera

A high-quality camera that can also bond and stream directly: the A5 camera from Mine Media is the next highlight in the streaming sector. Whether outdoor livestream, sports events, high-risk areas or webcams, the A5 camera is a real all-round device.


4G multi-network bonding for the livestream

With bonding, several network connections are bundled into one transmission channel with a high bandwidth. With the A5, this means that there are two 4G SIM card modems, Wi-Fi and a USB dongle for the Internet connection. Thanks to the high-quality touchscreen, you can choose whether to use Wi-Fi, Ethernet or bonding for transmission before each use. This means that the live broadcast is no longer limited and can take place from anywhere. Another special feature of the new camera from Mine Media is that two streams are saved in parallel. One is the actual live stream and the other is a local backup on the memory card in the camera. This means you always have a local copy of the live stream saved on the camera.

High-quality video quality with 4K

However, the camera is also an encoder, so it can convert the stream directly into the appropriate transmission signal. Thanks to the high-quality camera lens, high-quality videos in 4K are possible depending on the bandwidth. The resolution ranges from 720p to 1080p and 4K. But the right video also needs the right sound. MP3 audio files can be imported and played as background music in the livestream. The user can start the stream, make adjustments such as to the sound or optimize the camera image via the 3-inch touchscreen. The live stream can also be connected directly to a monitor or TV thanks to the HDMI output.

Operable with the M Live app

The M Live app can be used to operate not only the Q8 encoder, but also the new A5 camera from Mine Media. All the advantages of the app can be transferred to the A5 camera. Here you can change and customize all streaming settings such as the destination, the FPS rate or the RTMP address. The battery of the A5 camera lasts for up to 4 hours of average use before it needs to be recharged.

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