Raspberry Pi with Speedify as LiveU alternative?

Mine Media Q8

The Raspberry Pi is the “DIY computer” of the 21st century. Hardly any other computer has achieved the same popularity among DIY enthusiasts. But, after ordering the hardware components, sometimes problems arise with the programming and the setting-up of the necessary services. Particularly for the application purpose as “LiveU Alternative”, there is a professional alternative to Speedify and Raspberry PI.

Devices from MiNE Media create internet with bonding

The Chinese manufacturer, MiNE Media is specialized in the field of livestream and internet bonding. The devices with the names MiNE M4 or MiNE Q8 or Q9 can do everything that comparable devices from Teradek or LiveU can do: bundle the internet to create a stable connection. Particularly in the area of live streaming, the issue of failsafe internet is a decisive one! 

Professional internet from Peplink or an alternative?

The highly professional solutions from Peplink have been ensuring trouble-free access to the internet at events and conferences for years now. Depending on the requirements, however, the costs for this can be very high. The colleagues at MiNE Media have tried to find a happy medium here: devices within a bearable price range that still do what they promise: ensuring stable internet for livestreams, conferences, meetings or for remote locations.

No LiveU killer, but a viable alternative!

Anyone involved in TV broadcasting on a professional level knows the requirements in terms of quality, technology and stability. Every live production is a challenge because anything can happen. Anyone who is not on the road with a satellite or production truck will be looking for small, pragmatic and low-cost solutions. The manufacturer MiNE Media offers the perfect solution: livestream encoder with mobile phone bonding and internet bonding devices as a stable basis for every mobile terminal device.

Take a look around in livestream-shop.com to find your livestream or internet bonding solution.

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