Teams conferences without breakdowns thanks to internet bonding

Mine Media M4

You have an important Teams conference? Perhaps it’s Zoom or WebEx. In any case, you need to be able to rely on your internet. But oh dear: fluctuations in the network, the traffic breaks down, the connection is gone.

We know the feeling only too well when the internet connection fails, and, of course, at the very moment when it really shouldn’t. But we have a good solution to this: the MiNE M4 – the internet power station!

Stable connection in Teams through mobile phone and landline

Internet bonding does a lot – and it makes things a lot simpler: because it uses various connections simultaneously: mobile phone and classical landline connections, i.e. modem. Our device, the MiNE M4 Pro, works with 4 SIM cards and 1 LAN connection. That means a total of 5 connections for one failsafe, stable connection. This saves you a lot of worry. Because the MiNE M4 does exactly what it’s supposed to do: generate a stable connection that you can rely on.

Microsoft Teams is one of the best conference tools when the internet is right

Even before, but certainly since the coronavirus pandemic, Teams would have been one of the most frequently used tools for communication between teams, people, meetings – in the office and at school. But the user experience is only guaranteed if the internet connection is right. Anyone using Teams professionally, for example for connections in livestreams, external speakers or TV productions, knows the value of Teams and the NDI function. But again, only when the connection is right.

MiNE M4 Pro: failsafe internet for teams

With the device from the Chinese company, MiNE Media, you are perfectly equipped to get through the Teams day, even if the children are simultaneously bingeing on Netflix. Because, thanks to internet bonding, you can always rely on your connection. The internet power station MiNE M4 makes sure of that.


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