Which SIM cards work with Mine Media devices?

The Mine Media products recognize all common SIM cards from German mobile phone providers.


Please note that the PIN code query must be deactivated for the SIM cards.

Please also note the APN settings for each network operator.

Please note that problems can be observed with Vodafone SIM cards in the M4 Mini device that are addressed via the APN “web.vodafone.de”. The Multipath TCP protocol, which is responsible for bonding with the M4 Mini, seems to be blocked by Vodafone in this case (or does not work correctly for another reason). On the other hand, no problems are known if a “GigaCube SIM card” and the APN “home.vodafone.de” are used. However, there is no official statement from Vodafone on the subject – (as of September 2021). A Vodafone SIM card, however, always works in the M4 Mini, the problem occurs from the second Vodafone SIM card in one of the slots.

With SIM cards from O2 or Telekom, there are no known restrictions on the M4 Mini.

The products Q7, Q8, Q9 and R8 use a completely different bonding method than the M4 Mini. Here, too, there are no known limitations of SIM cards: Telekom, O2 and Vodafone work in any combination and quantity.