Internet Bonding Modem

One of the basic requirements for a successful live stream production is a stable internet connection. So don’t rely on just an Internet connection to produce your live content.

How about bonding multiple internet connections and doing it via cost-efficient SIM cards?

Internet bonding modems are commonly used either as a replacement for a poor Internet line or as a supplement. By bundling several SIM cards and Ethernet connections, they do not have to do without a stable Internet connection even in the most remote locations.

We offer 2 different manufacturers: MiNE Media and Peplink.


Peplink is the international provider of uninterrupted internet connections. The company has set itself the goal of producing the most reliable and easiest-to-use routers.

Whether it is about the uninterrupted networking of branch offices and subsidiaries or the stable transmission of a live stream, Peplink offers the professional modems, routers, switches and protocols for this.

Industries in which Peplink devices are used are:

  • TV production and transmission
  • Construction
  • Energy production
  • Transport
  • Banking and financial services
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Factories and manufacturing
  • Public Safety

SD-WAN Router

Bonding Internet routers or so-called multi-WAN VPN bonding routers with outstanding robustness and an intuitive web interface are among the best available devices on the market.

Whether professional home office users or emergency services, both swear by WAN reliability while reducing costs when migrating to SD-WAN solutions.


A software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) includes IP VPN, broadband internet and wifi services. The management of an SD-WAN is most often realised via the cloud and enables cost-effective management of all network devices.

In an SD-WAN, data traffic is automatically routed via the best path. The best path is determined by network conditions, security requirements, quality of service requirements, costs and the current application traffic.

Until now, managing a WAN was an expensive task that came with limited flexibility. SD-WAN makes the operation of an enterprise network much simpler and flexible. Programmable network devices are used, which can be modified remotely via dynamic routing. This creates agility, increases performance and reduces costs.

Mine Media

MiNE M4 Mini 4G Internet Bonding Modem

MiNE Media builds high quality video streaming systems that more than meet the current and future requirements for live streaming. MiNE Media has a modem for the Internet bonding sector: the M4 Mini. The bonding router is not only fast and reliable, but also ultra-portable: thanks to the built-in battery, you can use it for up to six hours without a connected power supply.

Our Internet Bonding Modems
Peplink mbx_mini

Peplink MBX Mini

Highest performance in the smallest device


Peplink MAX BR2 Pro 5G

Professional hardware for mobile streaming

Peplink Balance

Peplink Balance B310 5G

5G wireless router with high speed


MiNE M4 Mini Internet Bonding Modem 4G / LTE

Portable streaming device with cellular bonding technology