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Livestream Encoder

Livestream Encoder MiNE Q9, Q8 & Q7

Livestreaming is becoming increasingly popular. At the same time, Internet users’ requirements for image and transmission quality are increasing. Livestream producers and livestreamers face the challenge: How can I produce the best stream at good conditions?

Very important in any streaming equipment: Livestream Encoder. What does a Livestream Encoder?

In short, to send a video signal to the Internet, it must be encoded in a suitable format and fed into the CDN using a protocol. This is exactly what streaming encoders do. So the encoder has two tasks: Encoding and sending the stream.

That’s why you need an encoder to go live. The encoder receives the image and sound from the cameras, image mixer and mixer, processes everything and sends it as a live stream to the server. The viewer then retrieves the final image from the streaming server.

We currently have three powerful encoders on offer: MiNE Q9, Mine Q8 and Mine Q7

Our Encoder


4K Livestream, 1x5G+5x4G+WiFi+Ethernet 8 channel bonding, Dual HDMI/SDI input, HDMI output, Touch Display


3 SIM/WiFi/Ethernet/USB Dongle, maximum two 1080P60 inputs, Dual HDMI/SDI, App remote control


HDMI/SDI Modell, SIM/WiFi/Ethernet, LED-Display, 264 (RTMP/RTPMS), H.265 (RTSP), M Live App control