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MiNE Q8 4G Livestream Bonding Encoder

Mobile wireless 4G streaming encoder for maximum stream quality

MiNE M4 Mini Internet Bonding Modem 4G / LTE

Portable streaming devices with mobile phone bonding technology.

MiNE R8 4G LTE Bonding Video Mixer & Encoder

The perfect video mixer for high quality live streams

What is

Livestream-Shop is the shop for livestream and internet bonding hardware for professionals. What used to require an entire OB van now fits in a handbag. Thanks to their intuitive operation, Mine Media products are suitable for both beginners and professionals. The technology is easy to understand, the operation is intuitive and the result is the highest streaming quality. Internet bonding technology – several Internet connections are interconnected – even live broadcasts from outside are no problem. The exclusive German trading partner is Prankl Trading & Services GmbH with a live stream shop. Support, spare parts delivery and repairs, i.e. the entire service, are handled in Germany. Necessary bonding servers are hosted on German servers.

use cases

Mine Media M4 Theater

YouTube Live

Live on YouTube, Twitch or Facebook - live streams are very popular on social media.


Training via livestream has advantages. Questions can be asked in the chat, for example.

Mine Media R8

Hybrid event

On-site and virtual are in perfect harmony at a hybrid event.

Data protection in the live stream


Virtual rooms, interpreters and several focal points: the modern conference in the livestream

Mine Media M4

Anniversary celebration / award ceremony

Prize winners are skilfully staged in the livestream with products from Mine Media


press conference

Stable and fail-safe press conferences in the live stream thanks to encoder and modem

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