MiNE Q8 4G Live

Bonding Encoder

MiNE Q8 4G Live
Bonding Encoder

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Special functions

Why should you opt for the MiNE Q8?

Integrated HDMI and SDI Port, maximum 2 1080P60 inputs, supports smooth switching between HDMI and SDI Port.

High-resolution audio quality due to the support of stereo channels (192 kHz 24 bit). The automatic gain control algorithm ensures consistent sound quality.

All MiNE devices can be controlled using the control app. Coordinate the devices with each other via the ad-hoc network and reduce the setup time for your stream.

Technical data

What distinguishes the MiNE Q8?

Model Mine-Q8
Video Compression Format H.264/H265.+
Recording Format MP4
Streaming Resolution 1080i:50/60fps
480*270 | 640*360
1280*720 | 1920*1080
Recording Resolution 1080*60
Video Encoding H.264/H.265/H.265+ (Streaming)
H.264/H.265/H.265+ (Recording)
Audio Encoding AAC, AAC+, AAC++, MP3
Interface 1x USB Dongle, RJ45, 2×3.5mm jack, 3xSIM Card Slot
Preview Screen Yes
Protocol RTMP/RTSP (Recording)
RTMP/RTMPS (Streaming)
Management Mobile APP Control with much configuration, you can control the device wherever you are
Battery Capacity 7,200 MA (built-in)
Working Duration 4~6 hours
4G Network 3 SIM TD/FDD-LTE
Power Consumption 12V, 3A
Storage Temperature (-40°C~90°C)
Working Temperature (-20°C~80°C)
Relative Humidity 5%-90% no condensation
Package Dimension 30*24*12 (CM)
Package Gross Weight 2.0Kgs

Q8 accessories

What is all included?

Mine Q8 Size

FAQ Mine Media Q8 Encoder

Yes, there are live statistics that you can access with the “Switching Button” (two arrows) to the right of the display. Various menu displays can be selected with this. If you press the button, statistics about the current transmission per modem / WiFi / LAN are shown in the display.

Yes, it is possible, but not very useful.

Limiting the bandwidth of a SIM card always affects the entire connection. For this reason, you should only use SIM cards that are offered without any bandwidth restrictions.

Experience shows that you should be careful with cards without unlimited data usage and, if necessary, book options such as a “day pass” from Telekom in advance so as not to “run into” traffic restrictions.

If you have the option of an additional connection via Wifi or Lan on site, we always recommend using this.

No. The modem can also only be operated with the WAN connection (with the M4 Mini) or LAN connection with the Q7 / Q8 / R8 / Q9, i.e. completely without SIM cards. It is also possible to use WiFi with the Q7 / Q8 / R8 / Q9.
Another option is to use just one or two SIM cards. Which slot is chosen has no meaning. The advantage can be that a network operator is so bad in the area that the entire connection suffers. Then it is better to use a SIM card from one operator less.

The Mine Media Q8 is a livestream bonding encoder. Encoder means that the device sends a stream from an image signal (SDI or HDMI) to an SRT or RTMP server. For example on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, LinkedIn or other servers. In addition to the battery operation, the specialty is the so-called internet bonding. Aggregating connections is the core function of the Q8. With the built-in 3x LTE modems, it bundles these connections in such a way that the live stream is stably transmitted to the server.

In addition to the 3 built-in modems, the Q8 also uses other connections: 1x LAN, 1x Wifi and 1x USB, e.g. for another modem, are available. On the Mine Media Q8 product page you will find all details about the device.

Via livestream shop. As an exclusive German distributor, only we offer Mine Media devices for sale in the Livestream Shop. Our service includes extensive advice, customer service and, of course, a German invoice.

The Mine Media Q8 automatically saves the wifi settings. But the “Wifi function” is deactivated after restarting the Q8 – unless you have activated the “Auto push traffic” function. With the “Auto push traffic” function, the Q8 starts streaming automatically as soon as it is switched on.

This means that the “Wifi button” must first be pressed on the device in order to activate the Wifi function. Then the Q8 “remembers” all WiFi settings such as SSID and password.

The login takes place via web app or via mobile phone app.

The web app link is: https://mlive.minemedia.tv

The Android app can be downloaded here: Android app on the manufacturer’s download page

The iOS app for iphone can be downloaded here: M-Live App in the App Store

The manufacturer did not provide any information on this. However, we recommend a restart after 24 hours of operation at the latest.

The software is available in English and Chinese. The language can be set in the menu.

Yes, the Mine Media Q8 has a function for transmitting a video signal via RTMP and SRT.

No, the Mine Media Q8 does not have a standard login. In order to make settings on the device, it is necessary that the Q8 is connected to the Internet. Then it can be operated via the app or the web app.

To log in to the app, please use the user ID and password from your delivery note / invoice or a letter that was enclosed with your Mine Media Q8.

The Q8 does not have a standard login.

That from us offered bonding subscription for the Mine Media device M4 Mini and the Mine Media Q8 has no traffic restriction. It is a flat rate.

The following is supplied as standard accessories for the Q8:

  • 1x Q8 4G Live Bonding Encoder (Dual HDMI/SDI)
  • 1x protective storage bag
  • 1x backpack (optional)
  • 1x HDMI cable
  • 1x SDI cable
  • 3x antennas
  • 1x power supply unit
  • 1x hot shoe adapter
  • 1x Pin-Needle
  • 1x User Manuel

The question of the transfer speed is actually wrongly asked with the Mine Media Q8. The Q8 is a video encoder and requires a data rate of around 5 Mbit / s to around 15 Mbit / s, depending on the image content and the compression selected.

The bit rate, compression and, for example, the frame rate can be set in the menu under “Live Stream”.

A comprehensive instruction manual in German with detailed pictures is included in the scope of delivery.

The Mine Media products recognize all common SIM cards from German mobile phone providers.


Please note that the PIN code query must be deactivated for the SIM cards.

Please also note the APN settings for each network operator.

Please note that problems can be observed with Vodafone SIM cards in the M4 Mini device that are addressed via the APN “web.vodafone.de”. The Multipath TCP protocol, which is responsible for bonding with the M4 Mini, seems to be blocked by Vodafone in this case (or does not work correctly for another reason). On the other hand, no problems are known if a “GigaCube SIM card” and the APN “home.vodafone.de” are used. However, there is no official statement from Vodafone on the subject – (as of September 2021). A Vodafone SIM card, however, always works in the M4 Mini, the problem occurs from the second Vodafone SIM card in one of the slots.

With SIM cards from O2 or Telekom, there are no known restrictions on the M4 Mini.

The products Q7, Q8, Q9 and R8 use a completely different bonding method than the M4 Mini. Here, too, there are no known limitations of SIM cards: Telekom, O2 and Vodafone work in any combination and quantity.

The main reason why a SIM card may not be recognized is due to the PIN code that the card may be occupied with. The SIM cards used must NOT be assigned a PIN for unlocking. Please remove any SIM PIN from the SIM card before inserting it. Instructions can be found here, for example https://tinyurl.com/245krfxk

A second reason can be that the SIM card requires an individual APN setting. Depending on the device, this must be done in the menu, for example under “Network” (Q7 / Q8 / Q9 / R8) or “Network Setting” on the M4 Mini.

The Mine Media M4 Mini is preconfigured for you as follows:

Slot 1 / 4G1 setting: Telekom – (APN: internet.telekom / User name: t-mobile / Password: tm )
Slot 2 / 4G2 setting: Vodafone – (APN: web.vodafone.de Rest remains empty)
Slot 3 / 4G3 setting: O2 – (APN: Internet Rest remains empty)
Slot 4 / 4G4 setting: O2 – (APN: Internet Rest remains empty)

The following problem can arise with the Mine Media M4 Mini, especially with Vodafone SIM cards: It has not been confirmed that the necessary bonding protocol (Multipath TCP) is supported by Vodafone in all tariffs. It only affects the Mine Media M4 Mini (not the Q or R series devices). We are waiting for a report from Vodafone (as of September 2021). But: if cards from a GigaCube that “listen” to the APN home.vodafeon.de are used, there are no restrictions / problems according to the current state of knowledge. However, cards with the APN “event.vodafone.de” or “web.vodafone.de” can only be used as a single card in the M4. A second card in the device “does not bond”. With the providers O2 and Telekom, however, it is possible without any problems.

The principle of aggregation is to maximize bandwidth by taking advantage of the multiplexing ability of the network. In theory, 1 + 1 = 2. However, splitting and merging the data stream in Internet bonding creates additional data traffic. Therefore, in the case of internet bonding, 1 + 1 = 2 is not. The best aggregation that can be achieved is around 1.5. So 1 plus 1 equals 1.5 in the best case.

You can find more about bonding here: Internet bonding service