Failsafe internet for livestreams

Mine Media Q8

Anyone who produces livestreams knows the situation: fluctuations in the internet connection bring out beads of sweat on your forehead. Regardless of whether you are working with Vmix, OBS or a classical video mixer: if the encoder only has one connection, when the internet fails you are lost. But there is, of course, a solution.

Internet bonding for failsafe livestreams

The magic word is “bonding”. And no, even if it sounds like something erotic, there is nothing erotic about it. It’s totally boring, without surprises but works perfectly. Internet or mobile phone bonding means that a connection is generated over several channels at the same time. That is to say this is not a load balancer or a fail-over solution. The traffic is sent simultaneously via several connections to a bonding server and “bundled” there.

German bonding server for livestreams

Our bonding server for the devices from the Mine Media M4 series is located in Nuremberg and Falkenstein. There we host our bonding server as according to German standards. The IP, which you then have in the network for your devices, then corresponds to that of the bonding server. You can, of course, just purchase the device and configure it according to your own requirements. Nonetheless, we recommend our truly low-cost Internet Bonding Service at least for the first year until you are familiar with the technology.

Failsafe livestream thanks to internet bonding

So, anyone seeking a failsafe solution for livestreams would do well to talk to us. Because only at, exclusively in Germany, will you find the devices from MiNE Media with the bonding guarantee.

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