How does Peplink’s SD-WAN help with live streamin

Peplink MAX BR2 PRO 5G Bonding Modem

The be-all and end-all of live streaming is stability. The transmission must work and not break off. That’s why we have always paid special attention to reliable technology and redundancy in live streaming.

While live streaming in the 2000s necessarily meant “OB vans” and satellite technology, since 2010, with the introduction of LTE, mobile transmission technology, also of video via mobile radio, has become established.


Livestreams are not always static in one place, however. They are often streamed from moving vehicles or outdoors. But at these locations, the signal strength of the mobile phone connection varies considerably. In these situations, there is no way around bundling different networks.

The devices from Peplink Peplink combine, for example, six WAN connections with each other: 2x LTE, 2x WAN RJ45, 1x USB, 1x WAN Wifi. This means that the stream no longer stands on one “leg”, but on six. The internet connection is established via two LTE providers as well as via two different wired WAN connections, USB and a Wifi connection.


Peplink not only follows the principle of “failover”, but also offers a true uninterrupted connection with the extension “hot failover” and the bundling of bandwidth.

Failover usually means that in case of an interruption of the session, the interruption is first detected and then a new connection is established via a second channel. But the switchover takes valuable time. In the worst case, your livestream may even be interrupted in the meantime. With Peplink’s hot failover technology, the router sends and receives the data packets simultaneously over several WAN networks, so that it can immediately fall back on a second active network in the event of a failure. If we go one step further, Peplink’s in-house technology, so-called bandwidth bonding, comes into play. Here, all available bandwidths are used simultaneously to establish an unbreakable connection.

For example, the Peplink EPX, one of Peplink’s most powerful devices for wireless SD-WAN, combines 24 connections at the same time. With space for 48 sim cards, this provides gigabit bandwidth on the go.

At the Livestream Shop, there are currently three different devices from Peplink on offer: the Balance 310 5G wireless router, the MAX BR2 Pro 5G dual 5G router and the MBX Mini dual 5G streaming router. We will be happy to advise you on all Peplink devices. Just give us a call at 089 41 41 453 50 or send us an email at

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