Livestream Video Mixer R8: The perfect choice for a professional livestreaming experience

Mine Media R8

Livestreaming has become an important part of daily life. Many people use it for their work, to hold conferences, seminars and workshops online. Others use it as a way to stream a sports tournament online, such as mini golf, handball or wrestling.

No matter what the purpose of your livestream, a video mixer is an important part of creating a professional livestreaming experience. A video mixer allows you to combine and control different video sources such as cameras, computer screens or even game consoles.

The Livestream Video Mixer R8 from the manufacturer Mine Media is a powerful device specifically designed for livestreaming applications. It is capable of mixing up to 2 HDMI, 2 SDI and 4 RTMP sources to create a seamless live streaming experience. Take your livestreaming to the next level by combining a variety of video sources and switching in real time.

Simple operation and intuitive control

One of the great advantages of the Livestream Video Mixer R8 is its ease of use. The unit has an intuitive user interface that allows you to quickly switch between different video sources without having to wade through complicated menus and settings. There is also the practical function of PiP Live Streaming. You can move each source to the position of the PiP window. You can also move or zoom the PiP window. It is also possible to insert displays such as a scoreboard and time display, for example during the broadcast of a football match.

Mine R8 Video Switcher
On the screen you can see all video sources and mix the image for the livestream on Youtube or Facebook.

Flexibility in the integration of audio and video

Another great advantage of the Livestream Video Mixer R8 is its flexibility in integrating audio and video. The unit supports a variety of audio and video formats, including 1080p at 60 frames per second, to ensure your livestream is high quality.

Scalability and portability

Mine Media’s Livestream Video Mixer R8 is also very scalable and portable. The unit is compact and light enough to be easily transported and set up. Furthermore, it can be integrated with other devices such as cameras to achieve even higher quality.

The built-in bonding function ensures stable internet for the live stream. The video mixer allows simultaneous livestreaming via up to 5 network connections: 2x SIM modems, WiFi, Ethernet and USB dongle. This means you can also stream outdoors or in places with poor network reception. Provided there is at least one mobile phone connection.


Overall, Mine Media’s Livestream Video Mixer R8 is an excellent choice for anyone looking to create a professional livestream experience. The unit is easy to use, flexible in integrating audio and video and is very portable. So if you’re looking for a flexible video mixer solution, the R8 is the perfect choice. For more info and a consultation, just call us on 0049 89 41 41 453 50 or email us at

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