For what purpose is the Mine Media Q8 developed?

The Mine Media Q8 is a livestream bonding encoder. Encoder means that the device sends a stream from an image signal (SDI or HDMI) to an SRT or RTMP server. For example on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, LinkedIn or other servers. In addition to the battery operation, the specialty is the so-called internet bonding. Aggregating connections is the core function of the Q8. With the built-in 3x LTE modems, it bundles these connections in such a way that the live stream is stably transmitted to the server.

In addition to the 3 built-in modems, the Q8 also uses other connections: 1x LAN, 1x Wifi and 1x USB, e.g. for another modem, are available. On the Mine Media Q8 product page you will find all details about the device.