Hardware for your own Livestream Shopping Studio

Livestream shopping is becoming increasingly popular in Germany. Video content is generated on a daily basis via TikTok, Instagram or with their own livestream shopping portals. The most common production device for live streaming is the smartphone with the built-in camera.

In addition, shopping influencers use ring lights, a backdrop or professional lighting. But to stream professionally in 9:16 – portrait format, it’s still wearing thin at the moment when it comes to finding a production setup that can be expected to deliver a professional result with ease of use.

We at the Livestream-Shop have an eye for exactly this area and want to introduce you to the hardware that will make your shopping livestream – even in portrait / portrait format – impressively professional.

Below, we’ll introduce you to 3 exciting solutions for getting started in professional livestream production for Shopping, Instagram, and TikTok.

Before that, we would like to highlight a few points that are important to us:

  • Professional camera? – On smartphones, the camera facing the display is often the worse one. The camera on the back of the case, on the other hand, delivers excellent pictures. So it would be great if you could also use the rear smartphone camera for the livestream, for example. Maybe as a second / mobile camera?
  • Large display? To go into the chat, for example, if you stream on Instagram, you should be able to read everything well. Therefore, it would be perfect to have the chat big in front of you as well.
  • Stability and correct camera angle? The smartphone is sometimes held with adventurous constructions to function as a livestream camera. Display and camera are one unit. So it would be great if the camera was independent of the display.
  • External sources and other cameras? Content creators would love to add another camera to their livestream setup, for example, to show the product from a close-up, or to point out a specific detail.
  • Wifi or Lan? The question does not arise with the smartphone, since there is only the Wifi connection. So for more professionalism, a livestream device would also need to bring more network connections for the production of a stream.
  • Livestream only via the app: On Instagram, anyone can start their livestream using the app. However, to get a direct access for a production mixer to broadcast a professional stream without a smartphone, you need the Creator mode. On the other hand, it would be great to have a device that allows professional production and still stream into an Instagram or TikTok app as we know it.

But now away from wishful thinking and towards solutions that already exist to go live professionally from home on Instagram and TikTok in parallel or to feed other shopping apps with a stream of 9:16 content.

Yolo Liv Instream – A 9:16 image mixer for Instagram or TikTok

Source: YoloLiv

The Yolo Liv Instream is a small livestream mixer with a smart display for the production of 9:16 livestreams, i.e. portrait format content. With nine connections, the device is a real all-rounder. The output of the stream is the 9:16 format for this portrait mixer. The differences between the Yolo Liv Instream and Yolo Liv Pro variants are nicely illustrated in this video.

So, if you want to stream to an app like Instagram or TikTok and use an external camera instead of your smartphone, you have found the right entry-level hardware here.

It is worth mentioning that the Yolo Liv Instream only streams to one app – Instagram, for example.

Another product offered is a 9:16 PTZ camera, the VertiCam. Also from the manufacturer of the Yolo Box, this PTZ camera does everything you would expect from a good PTZ camera – but also in portrait format. The ideal complement for the Yolo Liv Instream.

Cadothy Amaze – A multiplatform live stream mixer for 9:16 and 16:9 with built-in camera

Amaze bundle with camera, display and stylus
Source: Cadothy

If you’re looking for a sophisticated solution for a shopping livestream setup at home or a livestream studio in the office, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the Cadothy Amaze. The innovative device for the production of 9:16 and 16:9 live streams impresses with the following features, among others:

  • built-in HD camera with 30ms Auto Focus and AI color matching
  • swiveling camera
  • large display / tablet
  • Wireless tablet with keyboard for Producer (sold separately)
  • additional, second touch screen for operating the image mixer software
  • parallel streaming on Instagram and TikTok and Facebook via app (or via other apps)
  • Connection of an external image source or camera via HDMI
  • Connection of another camera via USB
  • LAN port for stable cable connection to the network
  • built-in battery for up to 4h streaming without cable
  • built-in microphones for crystal clear sound
  • Variant with built-in 5G modem and Sim slot available
  • Keyboard and mouse connectable via USB or Bluetooth
  • external microphone connectable via mini jack 35mm
  • Headphone jack with 35mm mini jack
  • built-in speaker
  • Video mixer with audio effects, graphics, overlays, video players, green screen keying, overlays, picture-in-picture blending and and…

This compact all-in-one live streaming studio solution is available now from us in Germany. Feel free to call us if you are interested at 089 41 41 453 50 or email us at hello@livestream-shop.com.

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