LiveU Solo alternative for livestreams

Mine Media Q8

The LiveU is a standard in the area of TV broadcasting. The professional device offers internet bonding and livestream transmission. The “little brother”, the Live U Solo, is available in different versions with HDMI, SDI or as the Live U Solo + with built-in modem for LTE transmission. The LiveUs are great devices, but it sometimes makes sense to take a look on the left and right to see what else the market has to offer.

MiNE Media as an alternative to the LiveU

The Chinese company, MiNE Media, offers livestream encoders with similar functions to those of the top dog LiveU. Ultimately both manufacturers are pursuing one aim: to transmit livestreams as RTMP or SRT from any location to a receiver device. We want to introduce a device today that can compares well in particular with the LiveU Solo +: the MiNE Media Q8.

3 SIM card slots for LTE transmission

The Chinese manufacturer has actually upped the number of SIM card slots. Instead of the 2 modems that work in the Solo Plus, the Q8 actually has 3. But the Q8 only has one USB port for a further LTE stick. The Live U Solo Plus has the advantage here with two ports. This makes the two devices level in terms of the number of options for modems.


Here the Q8 has a little bit more to offer. The device has a switch that makes it possible to toggle between HDMI and SDI. In our eyes it is the smallest livestream mixer in the world. No – seriously: the mixer is intended for emergency situations to switch rapidly to a different picture without a soft fade-out but short and sharp. But it only needs this sometimes. The LiveU offers one connection for HDMI and one for SDI. It doesn’t have a switch to toggle between the two.

Graphic inserts and time

There are a few small functions hidden in the app of the Q8. Simple graphic inserts, date or a list of the last streaming targets. With the web portal the LiveU has a more professional setup, but nonetheless, MiNE also has several features here that it can be proud of.

So, anyone looking for an alternative to the Live U Solo + should take a look at MiNE Media, because the Q8 as an alternative is not to be scoffed at.

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