Stable livestream thanks to the Internet Bonding Encoder Q8

Internet bonding with Mine Media Q8

Whether for a wedding, a sporting event or a press conference: the Bonding Encoder Q8 from Mine Media reliably streams live online. The handy encoder is a real all-rounder in the livestream area and can be used for various purposes. Because the Q8 is not just an encoder, it uses internet bonding to transmit the streaming data.

How does internet bonding work? What is behind the new transmission technology? And how does the Q8 actually use internet bonding? We clarify these questions in this blog post.

Multi-connection talent: 5 connections ensure stability in the live stream

Cellular bonding in use with Mine Media products

While failover technology was often used in the past, Mine Media uses Internet bonding, also known as cellular bonding, for its products, and thus for the Q8 encoder. With bonding, several connections are combined into one. And that means that, for example, a cellular connection via Telekom, Vodafone or O2 or other providers are processed into a single connection. This compensates for any fluctuations and can also compensate for a failure.

How Internet Bonding Works

Various protocols such as UDP or TCP protocol are used for data transmission. The sender divides the data for transmission into several packets and sends them to the receiver. With Internet bonding, the sender uses several connections for this. In another blog post we discussed in more detail Mobile communications, data transmission and LTE bonding employed.

Bonding server ensures an interference-free livestream

Of the Bonding encoder from Q8 uses three cellular connections for data transmission during the live stream and a WiFi, LAN and USB connection. This ensures a stable live stream. Mine Media’s Q8 sends the data to an intermediate point, a Bonding server . The server serves as the remote station, sorts all data packets into the correct order. And then the packets are sent to the actual recipient using the SRT or RTMP protocol. The recipient can be, for example, YouTube, Facebook or another streaming platform. Thanks to the bonding server, the Q8 can send a livestream via various connections to the Internet bonding server.

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