The simple Livestream Encoder: MiNE Q8

Mine Media Q8

“Simple live streaming is simple. Professional live streaming is complex.” Anyone transmitting professional livestreams knows this. Cameras, mixing consoles, computers, mixers, virtual picture sources, NDI, SRT, livestream servers – everything has to fit, everything has to function. And without delay, but LIVE! At the exact moment that things are happening. It’s no wonder that “live interviews” on TV are often broadcast later and introduced with the words “We recorded the interview before the program.” Yes, why would that be? Because a live recording and a live broadcast is something complex that requires the interaction of a wide range of different technical devices at the same time. This is why there is a great demand for reliable livestream solutions. With its devices Q7, Q8 und Q9, the Chinese manufacturer MiNE Media is setting new standards here: reliable technology at an attractive price.

Simple encoder for livestream: simple operation

Few buttons on the devices doesn’t always mean simple operation, but in the Q8 this is exactly the case: power, recording, Wi-Fi, SDI / HDMI switcher and an app. It doesn’t take much more to control an encoder and to go live on Facebook Live, YouTube or Twitch.

Content creators welcome: livestream from any location

The creators of livestreams are welcome to the Q8 Regardless whether it’s livestream from the backpack, car or bus, city train or mountain cabin: as soon as at least one of the typical mobile phone networks is available, you’re ready to go. The power is supplied by the integrated battery which will keep you going at full power for up to 4 hours.

All livestream platforms in one encoder

With the Q8 you can stream to anywhere. Regardless of which network it is: YouTube, Periscope, Facebook Live, LinkedIn, Limelight, Amazon Live. Every protocol with RTMP or SRT is supported by the devices in the Q-series. Even if you operate your own livestream server, the Q8 is your reliable partner. It streams and streams and streams – regardless of whatever else happens.

Attractive price? No: excellent value!

The Q8 is truly worth its price. Compared with its counterparts from other manufacturers of livestream encoders, the Q8 offers excellent value for money. It belongs to the upper class of encoders and can, thanks to the innovative technology, fully match its competitors. Find out more here about your new Q8.

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